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Ecologically concerned homeowners can use roller shades as part of their living sustainably lifestyle. A natural, eco-friendly lifestyle includes enjoyment of the outdoors, so these homeowners want window treatments that serve a double purpose. They want to enjoy their outdoor views, and at the same time use items in the home that are ecologically friendly and energy conserving. This is where roller shades can fit right into the sustainability plan.

Roller shades can help control light and heat from entering or exiting a room. There are three main types of environmentally friendly roller shades, blackout or sleep window shades, light filtering roller shades, and solar window shades. These can be functional or decorative, or both.

Blackout, or sleep roller shades are made of thicker fabric or vinyl coated materials or they are made of wood. Wood roller shades offer the greatest insulation and moisture control, and cost the most. The lightweight vinyl coated fabric window shades that are dark are also used for blackout window shades. The roller shades can be adjusted to allow any amount of light into a room, or to fully darken the room for sleeping. They are great for night shift workers, the elderly, and children, who all need to have darkened rooms for better sleep conditions.

The light filtering roller shades are translucent, allowing light into a room, and many are very light colored or decorator fabrics. These provide privacy and light control, but do not darken the room. They fit well into many decorator schemes, and make rooms look lighter and friendlier.

Solar window shades are precision screen window shades, which are light controlling, yet you can see the outdoors view through them, as with regular screening materials. They cut glare, and give some privacy, but do not eliminate the view as the other two styles do.

All the window shades can fit inside the window frame or outside it, depending on how much light control the homeowner desires, and what fits best with room decor. All have a steel headrail system for valence and to hide the workings of the shade. Slats generally are two inches deep, although some are only one inch deep. For deep window frames, mounting inside the frame is recommended. Slats are very thin, about an eighth inch thick. They can close tightly and provide insulation and full light control when closed.

The ecologically minded homeowners can use roller shades to save money and cut electrical bills. Adjusting the slats to allow bounce lighting is one way to multiply the amount of light entering a room. You can set the slats to reflect light either up against the wall or down on the flooring. Light colored ceilings multiply the light, sending rays around the rest of the room. This means you do not have to run electrical lighting as much during the darker hours of the day.

Using roller shades to keep hot sunlight out of a room can reduce air conditioning costs. Direct sunrays can heat up a room to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and actually can be used for passive heat in the winter, which is good. That is a time to have the window shades up and let that sunshine into the room. But, in summer heat, keep rooms cooler with your roller shades down.

The modern roller shades have advanced technology for the mechanisms used to raise and lower the window shades, so the homeowner does have better control for setting the level of the window shades, and it is easier to use. Some heavier wood roller shades even have motorization lift systems. All around, using roller shades fits right into an ecologically minded lifestyle very nicely.


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This article was published on 2010/02/08